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It has been hard to ignore the rise of the infographic on the web. The colourful and exciting presentation of information turns data into an art form. There are plenty of sites that you can search to find examples that would help in your teaching, for example visual.ly:

Many infographics are designed to be viewed on the web, but they can also make interesting posters to introduce or revise a topic.
How Easy is it to Make an Infographic?
While there are hundreds of fantastic examples available online, sometimes I can’t find exactly what I was looking for. So the obvious solution was to try to make one myself.
I decided to make a revision infographic for my Year 10 and 11 classes who are studying ‘Of Mice and Men’ for the OCR A663 exam. This was a bigger task than Word could cope with, so I chose to use Adobe Illustrator – the only problem, I had never used the program before. A little web-surfing turned up a helpful tutorial to use as a starting point. From there, it was a matter of trial and error. It has taken a few hours to get to this point, some of which is down to my lack of familiarity with Illustrator, but overall I am happy with what I have produced so far.

Partially Completed Infographic

I’ll upload the finished piece when I have completed it – I need to decide what to put in the final sections.